faq1Q:  Do you work over the phone?
Yes. I offer both phone consultations and appointments. During a phone consultation I generally make recommendations as to what you can do for yourself, what type of treatment is most likely to work well for your issues, or what type of practitioner would best serve you in your local area. During a phone appointment we actually work together to address your issues. (Note under Testimonials that I gave Kelly recommendations over the phone which immediately resolved her back pain.)

Q: What—exactly—do you do?
I get this one a lot. This is because I do different things with different people at different times. Reading the Testimonials would be useful because you can see how much people’s experience of my work varies. Some people come in for pain or any kind of distress, while others want to live their best life. The best way to find out whether we are a good match is to have a short consultation with me by phone. Tell me what is going on and I will let you know how I would address it. At this point I do short consultation for free for this purpose.

Q:  What are your rates?
Please click here to see our rates

Q:  How long are your sessions?
Length of treatments varies widely depending what you want to address. Sometimes we may start with an hour and then work in shorter sessions as soon as you are doing well in between sessions. This can happen right away or over time. We can decide together what will work best for you.

Q:  How many sessions will I need?
This depends on what you want to address and your level of commitment to health and personal growth. Some clients get what they are after in a session or two. Others stay with me for many years to support optimal health and accelerate personal development.

Q:  Do you treat ___(your heath condition) ?
I do not make claims regarding treatment of any disease but aim to optimize total health and wellbeing. I work with people who have all manner of malady or condition. While my support may indeed help your body to overcome conditions, I do not diagnose or treat these conditions.

Q:  Do I have to have a problem to come see you or have an appointment?
Absolutely not. Some of the most rewarding sessions occur when we are doing well. We have more energy and attention to address what we really want in life and more ability to make changes when we feel good!

If you have additional questions please ask below if they are likely to serve others, and contact me if they are more personal in nature.