Functional Neurology

Teresa is a Diplomate of the American Functional Neurology Society.

In Functional Neurology our aim is to discover and apply interventions that make real-time improvements in function and behavior. Functional tests such as balance, range of motion, sensation, pupil size, etc. are used to evaluate function. Exercises and interventions can make immediate as well as long term improvments.

Teresa’s holistic approach to neurological function includes:

    • Attention to metabolic and nutritional factors essential for neuron and neurotransmitter health
    • Eliminating neurological looping cause by the body’s compensation for past injuries, which result in chronic adaptive muscle tension
    • Getting the body in appropriate communication with itself by stimulating nerve pathways
    • Coordinating eye movements with the brain and body
    • Cranial-sacral structural alignment to reduce pressure on the brain lining
    • Addressing soft tissue nerve entrapment with body therapies
    • Getting the autonomic nervous system in appropriate communication with internal organs to assist detoxification and proper function
    • Identifying dietary and environmental factors that may compromise neuron health