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“Any sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic.”                                                                                                  –Arthur C. Clark

I mix and match a number of skills to your specific issues. Sessions take direction based on your current needs. Collaborate with me by letting me know what you want to address or receive in your session, or let me prioritize for you.

Explore the links under “SERVICES” for details about the services I combine to enhance your overall health.

servicesI specialize in quick identification and resolution of complex issues, life-advancement, and energy therapies. Some call me a medical intuitive. I draw from both science and intuition. Trained in multiple systems and techniques. I am known for efficiency in treatment, and trouble-shooting complex issues.

In a session we start with your immediate issues, concerns, and the energy around and within you, that expresses and creates these concerns. Whether we address emotional distress, metabolic issues, or physical pain, treatment follows from the way your system responds. I can usually tell whether a specific approach will yield results, so we can focus on avenues for care that benefit you.

Read what my clients say about me to see kind of results I get. Click here.

Do you want to take charge of your well-being?


The term “total load” refers to the sum of all the many impacts, influences, and insults that compromise your body’s ability to heal. Toxicity from gasoline fumes, carpet glue, mercury from fillings and fish, pesticides, chemicals in cosmetics, hormones in beef, emotional stress about money, resentment toward the boss, reaction to a gluten allergy, compromised breathing from poor posture, poor circulation of body fluids and energy from structural misalignment, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, a parasite caught from cats, a chronic infection underneath an old filling, and recent exposure to a bacteria might be one person’s total load—if you skip the details! This is not an extreme example. It is fairly common. Health problems rarely come from one cause. Like removing straws from the camel’s back, health is regained by eliminating issues until the body can function well again. I eliminate issues and support heath with a totally natural and comprehensive approach.

If you are unable to meet with me in Seattle you may be served by working over the telephone. I have clients in several countries.

I do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions. I do support your optimal health whether or not issues are present.

General comments from clients:

I have seen Teresa for a few years now and I can say that her expertise has helped to improve my life in a multitude of ways.  I’ve had remarkable improvement in my physical health as well as emotionally and psychologically.  I still have a regular N.D. but Teresa is always my first choice bar none.

S.A., Seattle, WA

“I feel like I’m back! I’m shocked that there’s absolutely no side effects other than feeling better!”

E.K., Redmond, WA

There is no way I can express my gratitude for all the help and relief you have given me over the last few years. You were able to determine quickly and without expensive testing the causes of the health issues I have experienced. No one else did. And best of all I had a lessening or absence of symptoms in only a few days.

Although living in Florence, OR does not make it convenient to come and see you I will continue to do so. It is worth every gallon of gasoline, and in these times that is saying a lot.
Thank you for being who you are.

P.S., Oregon

Teresa Dietze of Being Total treats core root issues and does it fast.  Symptoms are addressed by treating their root issues, restoring health for the longer term.  Her training, range of skills and knowledge are exemplary. I would highly recommend her.

RR, Professor, UW

I have seen a number of therapists and healers over the years.  My work with you has had the greatest impact on my life.  There have been many times that I walked into your office in terrible pain just to leave with it all gone.  It just amazes me.  Your healing work is profound.  Your work not only addresses dietary or structural issues, but also emotional or mental thinking issues that are impacting or are at the root of the physical problem that is being presented. There is something about what you say and how you work with me that provides me with a bodily understanding and resonance.  When I work with others, I find myself working with them at an intellectual/mind level.   It has been my experience that this full body resonance sensation makes changes I make in my life more easy to accomplish and long lasting.  In addition, you have helped me where others have failed.  I used to have frequent migraine headaches and low back problems and saw many different medical doctors. Because of my work with you, my migraines are unusual and much less intense, and I have learned how to keep my low back in alignment so it doesn’t cause me pain.  I no longer get the jaw pain that used to force me to leave work early. By also addressing the various emotional and mental thinking issues that impact me physically, I feel so much more grounded–both in my body and in who I am as a person.  I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me.  Thank you!!!
Your work has also had a significant impact on my son and my nephew.  My son had a lot of anger issues.  He walked around with a chip on his shoulder and a need to seek revenge for any perceived injustice.  Between the remedy you suggested and your energetic work the difference in him was immediate and profound.  It is like he is a different person.  I brought my nephew in for a session with you to address some abdominal pain he had been experiencing for months, which was affecting his attendance at school.  After his one session with you, the pain was gone and he made all the dietary changes you recommended, resulting in him dropping from 230 pounds to 150 pounds.  Thank you so very much!!

Susan N.
Redmond, WA

Teresa Dietze helped me tremendously from 1,200 miles away! I had sciatica to the point of being unable to sit at work. Teresa was able to intuitively determine the cause and gave me techniques for during and after our short phone conversation that worked immediately! Not only is her knowledge and healing ability remarkable, her psychic abilities allow her to help people globally without travel.

Kelly Rudolph
”Your Personal Safety Trainer”
SURVIVE! Self-Defense LLC <<< Personal Safety Quiz
Phone: 858.220.0174

Every time I have a visit with Teresa I leave informed and confident in my treatment – no matter what the issue is Teresa is a capable and caring practitioner.
The greatest thing about working with Teresa has been her intelligence, honesty and desire to empower her patients in every situation.

Shannon A. Johnson
Item Analyst

I have found that Teresa quickly gets to the root of issues.  She has helped me with physical as well as emotional issues very effectively over the years.  She uses a variety of techniques identify and deal with health issues and I have seen very rapid results.  As a result I have been generally healthy and happy.

Jerry, WA

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