Body Therapies

Be Totally Comfortable

“The only way Out is through the body.” –Dina Innominato

Body therapies can . . .

  • Resolve pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Optimize function
  • Improve performance
  • Speed healing and recovery
  • Release emotional pain and tension
  • Promote self-knowledge and personal growth

What Dina is saying above is that our bodies are the means through which we develop spiritually and emotionally. We learn through physical experience. Without being in touch with what we sense and feel, we cannot truly resolve our issues. We all have issues.

Pain and symptoms are great motivators. They cause us to pay closer attention to exactly what is going on in our inner lives, for this is all reflected in our tissues. Working with the body puts us in touch–with our selves, and with the world around us. The body is what we perceive through. When we keep our bodies functioning at their best simply to be all we can be we have much less need for discomfort because we are actively engaged with life.

What kind of body therapies do I offer? Heaps of them! Here are a few general categories. I generally combine them to resolve your issues as directly as possible:

  • Results-oriented massage
  • Deep tissue therapies
  • Postural alignment and retraining
  • Cranial work
  • Energy-based techniques that alter posture and alignment
  • Visceral work (getting organs moving correctly)
  • Softening scar tissue and reconnecting energy meridians
  • Energy techniques that release emotion & physical trauma from tissues
  • Stress reduction
  • Nurturing massage on request

Did you know that techniques like the Emotional Freedom Technique can eliminate physical pain

I just found a very sharp point in my right knee. I had a bruise last week, but this pain point did not go away. The muscles and ligaments held an emotion. I touched the pain point and tapped on a spot on my chest and the pain vanished immediately! This sort of ‘magic’–which, like all advanced technologies is NOT magic if you understand it–happens daily in my practice. Any pain remaining after body therapies can vanish by tapping a few spots. The greatest advantage of taking a Total Approach is that if one thing doesn’t work, we can use a different approach during the same appointment.

Most of my clients take advantage of my Total Approach.
Their testimonials are more general, and in other locations.
Here are a few quick results with body therapies:

I’ve had lower back pain for over 9 years now – the pain ebbs and flows. However, after running a marathon in Oct. I have not been able to run – or even walk hills because the pain has been so bad and constant. Even standing for extended periods of time is painful.

I met Teresa at Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets Reunion and she offered to work on me. Within 5 minutes I had no pain. It’s been almost a week and I still have no pain. I’m waiting a few more days and then I’m pulling my running shoes out and giving them a long awaited work-out.I don’t know how/what/why, but Teresa has a magic touch and an amazing spirit. I am forever grateful!!!

Abby Koniaris
Heritage House Publishing

“Teresa is one of the most articulate and confident healers I have ever met. At a conference she helped me make some alignment adjustments that completely changed my conference experience, my ability to be present and focus and enjoy the event!” She did it right there, onlookers were curious as she did her work and I am very grateful.”

A Fan,

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”
Lifestyle Coaching Center / .com
Livingston, NJ

Teresa has a gift, and thankfully she is sharing it with us. With the assistance of her guides, her incredible intuitiveness, and wisdom gathered from the ages, Teresa deeply and empathically tunes in to the person sitting across from her. She is nothing short of brilliant. Teresa absolutely is present from beginning to end, all the while listening to your words and visualizing your energy fields. Her body work is second to none — never again will I go to a chiropractor. She can visualize what needs to be healed or balanced; in fact, she has healed my children and myself of various structural issues (neck, back, digestive). Her vitamins, supplements, and remedies (which she is able to match to the individual) have completely turned around my health and absolutely revitalized my physical and emotional being. I am so grateful.

Pauline Thompson
Bellevue, Washington