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Be Totally Vital

I have a talent for matching nutritional support to your specific needs, to support your organs, glands, and tissues for optimum health. I use a broad range of skills to help you make informed and effective health care choices.

I specialize in tailoring nutritional programs to your specific and unique needs. The high quality products I use are very effective and make improvements you will feel right away.

The newest line is designed to balance the neurotransmitters responsible for mood imbalances. These products work almost immediately, contain no drugs, have no side effects, and support total health.

After years of clinical experience I can usually determine whether your mood issues are from physical imbalances, emotional issues, energy issues, or a combination of these influences.

Nutritional and dietary support can help you to . . .

  • Increase your vitality
  • Optimize health and prevent disease
  • Recover more quickly from diseases and conditions
  • Balance your emotional state
  • Level out blood sugar swings
  • Identify which products use, keep, or toss
  • Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid
  • Understand the metabolic impact of different foods
  • Make food choices that support your aims
  • Balance your moods without drugs

Using test kits and body reflexes to determine your needs, my findings so far matched the lab results some clients bring in from their doctors and other sources. I do not make specific claims or promises, diagnose, or treat disease.

Gluten Facts:

Did you know that about forty percent of people are allergic to gluten? Gluten sensitivity can attack your nerves and impact mood without causing any intestinal symptoms. Two parts per million can cause reactions that can last up to eight months. Picking croutons off your salad and setting them aside is not the best plan. Gluten sensitivity can make you too sick to produce antibodies, making the tests inaccurate. A careful elimination diet may be the most reliable way to determine how your body reacts to food.

Did you know that the most common cause of fatigue is dehydration?

Did you know that soy can block your absorption of minerals essential to thyroid function?

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“The road to health is paved with good intestines.”

As a Nutrition Consultant I work closely with practitioners throughout Western Washington and experience many healing modalities and practitioners. Teresa Dietze is the very best in her field. She offers a total wellness approach to healing, picking up where traditional medicine fails.

Rachel Olivas
Nutritional Consultant

Teresa Dietze is a powerful healer. She is one of those exceptional practitioners who can integrate the structural, nutritional and emotional aspects of health. Her strong intellectual grasp of the physiological and biochemical foundations of health combined with a powerful intuitive sense make her a great choice for anyone seeking a practitioner who can guide them to good health.

Gray L. Graham BA, NTP
Founder- Nutritional Therapy Association

Teresa Dietze saved my life! Everyone in my life knows this to be true. I had a Vancomycim resistant C. difficile infection that the doctors had thrown up their hands & said ‘they didn’t know what else they could do, they’ve tried everything!’ At this point I was a 5’10” tall, 117lb, walking skeleton. When I met her, I was coming from a doctor’s appointment knowing that the next experimental treatment that he wanted to try would kill me. I ran into this person ‘Teresa Dietze’. From the moment we met my life changed. Well–she saved it! Not only did she heal me, she did it the best way possible, with no drugs, all natural. Not only did she heal my body but she also helped my head heal too. I don’t know any doctor that can or will do that too. Teresa is a healer with unbelievable abilities. She is straight forward, gentle, soft, friendly, funny & a great person. She is also very intelligent and can be trusted with your inner most thoughts and secrets. I recommend her to everyone I know & again. Everyone who knows me knows she is the one who single handedly saved my life! Now I am a very normal 5’10” tall, 145lb, healthy person again & have been for years. Thank you again Teresa. I love you.

Erin Kearney
Redmond, WA

There is no way I can express my gratitude for all the help and relief you have given me over the last few years. You were able to determine quickly and without expensive testing the causes of the health issues I have experienced. No one else did. And best of all I had a lessening or absence of symptoms in only a few days.

Although living in Florence, OR does not make it convenient to come and see you I will continue to do so. It is worth every gallon of gasoline, and in these times that is saying a lot.
Thank you for being who you are.

P.S., Oregon

Teresa Dietze of Being Total treats core root issues and does it fast. Symptoms are addressed by treating their root issues, restoring health for the longer term. Her training, range of skills and knowledge are exemplary. I would highly recommend her.

RR, Professor, UW

Teresa has enabled me to positively change my life in many spheres. Providing direction and supplements that helped arrest the development of diabetes type II propelled me towards optimum physical health. Her straight forward and firm approach has given me the confidence and accountability I have lacked previously. Teresa will tell it how she sees it and this is backed up by a wealth of research she has at her finger tips, and her extensive training.


My first experience with natural medicine had me wondering if I was doing the right thing when, after six months of working with a naturopath to cure a chronic yeast problem, I developed an almost unbearable case of acid reflux. To rule out the nasty things like ulcers and cancer I saw a gastroenterologist who confirmed it was nothing but a weak sphincter muscle. He also told me it was something I’d “have to learn to live with” and that I’d need to take one version or another of an acid blocker for the rest of my life. Fortunately my naturopath convinced me otherwise and started treating me accordingly. However, after a few months of not getting any relief and feeling frustrated, I decided to act on my sister’s suggestion to see Teresa Dietze. Not only has my acid reflux disappeared but, after re-running a comprehensive stool analysis, I was happy to find out the yeast was reduced to “no clinically significant amounts.” And, as an added bonus, my eyes, skin, nails and overall digestion have improved significantly.

In addition to her knowledge of numerous alternative therapies, Teresa possesses an extremely strong intuitive ability. I feel it is this gift that has helped me to uncover years of suppressed emotions, pinpoint the root causes of various ailments and determine which supplements and dietary changes are most beneficial for me. Recently, I had this belief substantiated when the results from a couple of tests run by my naturopath confirmed the intuitive work I’ve been doing with Teresa.

I’m not the only one Teresa has helped. My husband was having quite a bit of pain in the upper right quadrant of his back. He saw several different doctors and therapists and had various tests done. When all the tests came back negative and the therapy didn’t help, our family doctor basically threw up his hands and decided to diagnose my husband with fibromyalgia. Well, with Teresa’s guidance, my husband eliminated certain foods and started taking nutritional supplements. Within 2 months his pain was gone. And, since then, the arthritis in his right shoulder has disappeared and he’s been able to stop taking his blood pressure medication.

Teresa has gifts that are hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced their benefit. However, both my husband and I are much better off for having been in Teresa’s care and we would like others to know about her.

Shireen Stout
January 2009

“I was having flu symptoms – achy, headache, sore throat and feverish –with absolutely no time to be sick. Less than 20 minutes into our appointment, Teresa had eliminated my fever and the terrible headache. Whether it’s an acute, immediate need or guidance for long-term well being, Teresa has addressed both, quickly and accurately. She is my number one ‘go-to’ health practitioner.”

P.S., Seattle, WA