Psychic Hygiene

Be Totally Your Self–and nothing BUT yourself!







The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”  –Ayn Rand

“We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”  –Plato

If you are sensitive and pick up energy from others you need regular work with an intuitive healer who can help you . . .

  • Recognize what does and does not belong to you
  • Learn to keep energy that is not yours from sticking
  • Learn effective energy boundaries
  • Learn how to feel comfortable in your body
  • Support spiritual and holistic development

“Let me take back what is mine and give back what is not mine.”                                                        –Dina Innominato

psychic-hThose who are sensitive to energy need extra support because we have sensitive nervous systems. This means that we process more input than other folks. Some of us get confused easily about which feelings and sensations are ours and which originate from others, uncomfortable spending long periods of time in crowds, tire easily if we do not get enough time alone, or take care of others in an attempt to make ourselves feel better.

Psychic hygiene is about keeping your energy clean.

Skillful energy work can remove input that does not belong with us and help us embrace our authentic selves. The effect of balancing energy is like “truing” the spokes of a wheel to connect the hub and support the rim. The wheel is much stronger, and rolls more smoothly when it is balanced.

Just as we brush and floss our teeth as regular maintenance, sensitive folk need to learn routines to keep their energy clear and free of debris. And just as we see a hygienist for deeper cleaning, a good energy worker can get at energies we cannot find or clear on our own. Ideally, we check in before problems develop.

Work with psychic hygiene will help you to . . .

  • Eliminate energies that do not belong with you
  • Establish and maintain the integrity of your energy fields
  • Recognize your part in taking on external energies
  • Strengthen your energetic boundaries
  • Gain control over the influences that impact you
  • Manage places and people you may be unable to deal with
  • Feel much more alive, safe, and vital

Releasing energies that do not belong with you can give you an immediate experience of being freer, clear and clean, released from anger or hatred, more peaceful, smoother, and able to feel joy.

psyc-hyEnergies we have taken on from others are very difficult to modify, yet not always hard to release.  A skilled practitioner can recognize and remove these energies.

In general, you cannot influence through psychological work alone an energy in your body or fields that does not belong to you. This means that IF the sensations and emotions you are experiencing are being caused by energy you have taken on from others, you cannot alter that energy by simply talking with someone about your issues.

When the problem or part of the problem is caused by energy, effective energy work resolves it faster than any other kind of help.Skilled energy work can often speed up progress you make with your therapist. 

Removing or resolving any and all energy that does not belong with us rapidly accelerates personal growth.

The intuitive element of my work draws from extensive studies from numerous sources, fine observation skills, on-going spiritual, personal development work, and direct training with skilled practitioners, teachers, and healers.

I track energy accurately and without drama. I am able to do effective work from a distance.

Read how colleagues have responded to this work:

I came to meet Teresa in a hotel lobby, at a conference we both attended. This was at the end of a few intense days for me, and the effort and tension were manifesting in my throat being dry and causing me to cough. In our conversation, I mentioned this in passing to her, and (with my permission) she did a 20 second energetic realignment for me … and it was miraculous! All went away immediately. In spite of a red-eye flight, and subsequent intense days, I never experienced that discomfort for weeks. I called her to let her know how powerful her intervention had been, and to thank her. As I was telling her more about the circumstances of my business and life challenges, her insights were again quite startling. Here was this woman I had known only for a short time, we were on two sides of the continent (I was in Boston, she in Seattle), and she accurately detected and articulated, in virtually no time, exactly what some of my internal state was and what I had to do with it. There was a calm and an energy that embraced me here, as I was talking on the phone with her, that again surprised and overwhelmed me. Teresa’s skills, her presence, and her accuracy are truly extra-ordinary, and I recommend everyone that comes across this to experience it.

Sergiu Simmel
Business Owner
Boston, Mass

“I was leaning against the wall at a seminar and Teresa came up to me and said she saw some holding in my chest area. She did her magic with her hands. In moments I felt lighter and more open. Teresa is very tuned into energy and is committed and skilled to help people feel lighter and freer in their body/mind.
Steve Sisgold, M.A.
Body Centered Therapy
Author of “What’s Your Body Telling You?’

Teresa is an amazing intuitive healer that I had the honor of working with recently.  She is very in tune with her client and what their needs are.  For me she “saw” what was blocking my energy pathways and was able to go in at a very deep level and remove the obstacles that were obstructing my healing path.  Not only did she identify and remove the entities, but she was able to physically clear the pathway and heal the emotional barrier from these entities.

I highly recommend Teresa for doing very deep work either emotionally based or physical.  She is attentive and thorough and you will feel truly seen as she works in your energy field.  A wonderfully exciting healing, not to be missed.

Liz Baughman, CMT
Alternative Energetic Bodyworker and Healer
Detox Coach