Spiritual Clarity


“Personality is a vehicle for the development of the soul.”

“Love tells us we are everything. Wisdom tells us we are nothing. “

spiritual-clarityReal change is always personal and specific. It happens one step at a time. Taking your best next step is your path.


Learn to trust yourself and your intuition is key to:

  • Being on track in your life
  • Satisfying relationships and friendships
  • Living with meaning
  • Raising the pitch of your heart
  • Making decisions that work for you
  • Getting and staying healthy
  • Knowing what to eat and what to avoid
  • Timing important life events
  • Selecting a job
  • Selecting professional help that will work well you

Whether or not we recognize or define them our so-called subtle energy systems may well be the one greatest influence on the quality of our lives.

Comments from clients and colleagues:

Teresa is one of the best healers I know that I didn’t personally train!  I think she is absolutely terrific… a natural born healer!

Nicki Scully
Shaman, Author, Alchemical Healer

Teresa Dietze is a miracle worker. And if I could change the world, I would have every human being on the planet, on her plan. Teresa puts a ton of love and labor into her work. I highly recommend “Being Total” and am happy to talk to anyone about Teresa and her love for healing others. In just a short amount of time, she made a powerful difference on me.

Laura Fenamore, CPCC

Working with Teresa is one of my life’s richest blessings.  She has worked with me for numerous issues such as allergies, chronic aches, and various illnesses.  With diet changes and supplements to build a healthy gut,  the allergies that I had experienced for years have gone completely away. She is also a spiritual teacher or “counselor extraordinaire”. Quickly and clearly, Teresa has helped heal me–as well as helped me to see the relationship between the non-physical part and my body in numerous situations. Life feels awesome at the discoveries.  Her insight and energetic work is truly amazing.  If the world could have access to the type of healing that Teresa invokes, a transformation of gigantic proportions would take place on the earth.

Jennie Hammill