Some testimonials were written after very short, one-time sessions, and others by clients who have known my work over a period of years.

testimAs a Nutrition Consultant I work closely with practitioners throughout Western Washington and experience many healing modalities and practitioners. Teresa Dietze is the very best in her field. She offers a total wellness approach to healing, picking up where traditional medicine fails.

Rachel Olivas
Nutritional Consultant
BIOTICS NW, Gig Harbor, Washington

Teresa Dietze is a powerful healer. She is one of those exceptional practitioners who can integrate the structural, nutritional and emotional aspects of health. Her strong intellectual grasp of the physiological and biochemical foundations of health combined with a powerful intuitive sense make her a great choice for anyone seeking a practitioner who can guide them to good health.

Gray L. Graham BA, NTP
Founder- Nutritional Therapy Association
Olympia, Washington

Teresa is one of the best healers I know that I didn’t personally train! I think she is absolutely terrific… a natural born healer!

Nicki Scully
Shaman, Author, Alchemical Healer
Eugene, Oregon

test-3Teresa Dietze saved my life! Everyone in my life knows this to be true. I had a Vancomycim resistant C. difficile infection that the doctors had thrown up their hands & said ‘they didn’t know what else they could do, they’ve tried everything!’ At this point I was a 5’10” tall, 117lb, walking skeleton. When I met her, I was coming from a doctor’s appointment knowing that the next experimental treatment that he wanted to try would kill me. I ran into this person ‘Teresa Dietze’. From the moment we met my life changed. Well–she saved it! Not only did she heal me, she did it the best way possible, with no drugs, all natural. Not only did she heal my body but she also helped my head heal too. I don’t know any doctor that can or will do that too. Teresa is a healer with unbelievable abilities. She is straight forward, gentle, soft, friendly, funny & a great person. She is also very intelligent and can be trusted with your inner most thoughts and secrets. I recommend her to everyone I know & again. Everyone who knows me knows she is the one who single handedly saved my life! Now I am a very normal 5’10” tall, 145lb, healthy person again & have been for years. Thank you again Teresa. I love you.

Erin Kearney
Redmond, Washington

Teresa Dietze is a miracle worker. And if I could change the world, I would have every human being on the planet, on her plan. Teresa puts a ton of love and labor into her work. I highly recommend “Being Total” and am happy to talk to anyone about Teresa and her love for healing others. In just a short amount of time, she made a powerful difference on me.

Laura Fenamore, CPCC

Teresa has a gift, and thankfully she is sharing it with us. With the assistance of her guides, her incredible intuitiveness, and wisdom gathered from the ages, Teresa deeply and empathically tunes in to the person sitting across from her. She is nothing short of brilliant. Teresa absolutely is present from beginning to end, all the while listening to your words and visualizing your energy fields. Her body work is second to none — never again will I go to a chiropractor. She can visualize what needs to be healed or balanced; in fact, she has healed my children and myself of various structural issues (neck, back, digestive). Her vitamins, supplements, and remedies (which she is able to match to the individual) have completely turned around my health and absolutely revitalized my physical and emotional being. I am so grateful.

Pauline Thompson
Bellevue, Washington


“Teresa is an intuitive, compassionate, and seasoned practitioner who draws on her knowledge from a wide range of disciplines to synthesize highly effective treatments for clients. I highly recommend her.”

Cedron Mark Sterling, L.M.P.
Myofascial Therapist
Teaching and Consulting
Seattle, Washington

I’ve had lower back pain for over 9 years now – the pain ebbs and flows. However, after running a marathon in Oct. I have not been able to run – or even walk hills because the pain has been so bad and constant. Even standing for extended periods of time is painful.

I met Teresa at Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets Reunion and she offered to work on me. Within 5 minutes I had no pain. It’s been almost a week and I still have no pain. I’m waiting a few more days and then I’m pulling my running shoes out and giving them a long awaited work-out.I don’t know how/what/why, but Teresa has a magic touch and an amazing spirit. I am forever grateful!!!

Abby Koniaris
Heritage House Publishing
Novato, California

testim-also“Teresa is one of the most articulate and confident healers I have ever met. At a conference she helped me make some alignment adjustments that completely changed my conference experience, my ability to be present and focus and enjoy the event!” She did it right there, onlookers were curious as she did her work and I am very grateful.”

A Fan,
John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”
Lifestyle Coaching Center / .com
Livingston, New Jersey

Every time I have a visit with Teresa I leave informed and confident in my treatment – no matter what the issue is Teresa is a capable and caring practitioner.

The greatest thing about working with Teresa has been her intelligence, honesty and desire to empower her patients in every situation.

Shannon A. Johnson
Item Analyst
Seattle, Washington

Working with Teresa is one of my life’s richest blessings. She has worked with me for numerous issues such as allergies, chronic aches, and various illnesses. With diet changes and supplements to build a healthy gut, the allergies that I had experienced for years have gone completely away. She is also a spiritual teacher or “counselor extraordinaire”. Quickly and clearly, Teresa has helped heal me–as well as helped me to see the relationship between the non-physical part and my body in numerous situations. Life feels awesome at the discoveries. Her insight and energetic work is truly amazing. If the world could have access to the type of healing that Teresa invokes, a transformation of gigantic proportions would take place on the earth.

Jennie Hammill
Seattle, Washington

test-4As I have followed Teresa’s guidance, I am feeling considerably better in mind, body and heart. Her knowledge about body systems and nutrition and her intuitive skills and gifts are working together to coax my body into a rejuvenated condition.I came to Teresa significantly out of balance and in a world of hurt. From the start, she helped me to understand the concept of congruency and the importance of a holistic approach to becoming healthy. As I released mental and emotional blockages, I began to see improvement. I appreciate the fact that Teresa treats me as a unique being, listening, giving guidance, and using innovative approaches to baffling conditions. Healing major problems takes time. For the first time in many years, I have more days reminiscent of my youth and I look forward to many, many more as time goes by.
Teresa has also been treating my adult sons, Shannon and Brandon. She saw Brandon twice. Brandon told me that he has more energy now than he has in many years and that he no longer feels depressed.

Maureen Armstrong
Teacher, Lake Washington School District
Seattle, Washington

Teresa Dietze helped me tremendously from 1,200 miles away! I had sciatica to the point of being unable to sit at work. Teresa was able to intuitively determine the cause and gave me techniques for during and after our short phone conversation that worked immediately! Not only is her knowledge and healing ability remarkable, her psychic abilities allow her to help people globally without travel.

Kelly Rudolph
“Your Personal Safety Trainer”
SURVIVE! Self-Defense LLC
www.SurviveSD.com <<< Personal Safety Quiz
Phone: 858.220.0174
San Diego, CaliforniaDSC_0090

Teresa Dietze of Being Total treats core root issues and does it fast. Symptoms are addressed by treating their root issues, restoring health for the longer term. Her training, range of skills and knowledge are exemplary. I would highly recommend her.

Professor, University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

There is no way I can express my gratitude for all the help and relief you have given me over the last few years. You were able to determine quickly and without expensive testing the causes of the health issues I have experienced. No one else did. And best of all I had a lessening or absence of symptoms in only a few days.

Although living in Florence, OR does not make it convenient to come and see you I will continue to do so. It is worth every gallon of gasoline, and in these times that is saying a lot.
Thank you for being who you are.

Florence, Oregon

DSC_0453“Teresa has a unique ability to allow you access to your emotions if you are happy, joyous, angry, resentful or sad, she gives you permission and teaches you to fully embrace the emotions you are feeling. Free of judgment and shame. With her guidance I have been able to express myself in a more clear and authentic way. I didn’t realize how often I was not allowing myself to feel, for example something as simple as acknowledging I am having a bad day. I can now clearly state my needs and it has improved my relationships.

With the current media focused on the concept that thoughts become things, I was left feeling guilty if I didn’t have positive thoughts all the time. I found that I was stuffing further the emotions that arise in fear of manifesting more negativity. Being able to be clear about my feelings, needs and boundaries allowing them to flow naturally has helped me to feel more confident in who I am and improved my relationships. The gift of being positive yet stating clearly my feelings is a much more powerful approach.

Teresa has also helped me come up with a nutritional supplementation plan to help my body heal. I highly recommended her to all my friends and family!

Marie Daniels
Seattle, WA

I have seen a number of therapists and healers over the years. My work with you has had the greatest impact on my life. There have been many times that I walked into your office in terrible pain just to leave with it all gone. It just amazes me. Your healing work is profound. Your work not only addresses dietary or structural issues, but also emotional or mental thinking issues that are impacting or are atDSC_0042 the root of the physical problem that is being presented. There is something about what you say and how you work with me that provides me with a bodily understanding and resonance. When I work with others, I find myself working with them at an intellectual/mind level. It has been my experience that this full body resonance sensation makes changes I make in my life more easy to accomplish and long lasting. In addition, you have helped me where others have failed. I used to have frequent migraine headaches and low back problems and saw many different medical doctors. Because of my work with you, my migraines are unusual and much less intense, and I have learned how to keep my low back in alignment so it doesn’t cause me pain. I no longer get the jaw pain that used to force me to leave work early. By also addressing the various emotional and mental thinking issues that impact me physically, I feel so much more grounded–both in my body and in who I am as a person. I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. Thank you!!!

Your work has also had a significant impact on my son and my nephew. My son had a lot of anger issues. He walked around with a chip on his shoulder and a need to seek revenge for any perceived injustice. Between the remedy you suggested and your energetic work the difference in him was immediate and profound. It is like he is a different person. I brought my nephew in for a session with you to address some abdominal pain he had been experiencing for months, which was affecting his attendance at school. After his one session with you, the pain was gone and he made all the dietary changes you recommended, resulting in him dropping from 230 pounds to 150 pounds. Thank you so very much!!

Susan N.
Human Resource Manager
Redmond, WA

“I feel like I’m back! I’m shocked that there’s absolutely no side effects other than feeling better!”
Redmond, WA

I came to meet Teresa in a hotel lobby, at a conference we both attended. This was at the end of a few intense days for me, and the effort and tension were DSC_0993manifesting in my throat being dry and causing me to cough. In our conversation, I mentioned this in passing to her, and (with my permission) she did a 20 second energetic realignment for me … and it was miraculous! All went away immediately. In spite of a red-eye flight, and subsequent intense days, I never experienced that discomfort for weeks. I called her to let her know how powerful her intervention had been, and to thank her. As I was telling her more about the circumstances of my business and life challenges, her insights were again quite startling. Here was this woman I had known only for a short time, we were on two sides of the continent (I was in Boston, she in Seattle), and she accurately detected and articulated, in virtually no time, exactly what some of my internal state was and what I had to do with it. There was a calm and an energy that embraced me here, as I was talking on the phone with her, that again surprised and overwhelmed me. Teresa’s skills, her presence, and her accuracy are truly extra-ordinary, and I recommend everyone that comes across this to experience it.

Sergiu Simmel
Business Owner
Boston, Mass

“I was leaning against the wall at a seminar and Teresa came up to me and said she saw some holding in my chest area. She did her magic with her hands. In moments I felt lighter and more open. Teresa is very tuned into energy and is committed and skilled to help people feel lighter and freer in their body/mind.

Steve Sisgold, M.A.
Body Centered Therapy
Author of “What’s Your Body Telling You?’

Teresa is an amazing intuitive healer that I had the honor of working withDSC_2365 recently. She is very in tune with her client and what their needs are. For me she “saw” what was blocking my energy pathways and was able to go in at a very deep level and remove the obstacles that were obstructing my healing path. Not only did she identify and remove the entities, but she was able to physically clear the pathway and heal the emotional barrier from these entities.

I highly recommend Teresa for doing very deep work either emotionally based or physical. She is attentive and thorough and you will feel truly seen as she works in your energy field. A wonderfully exciting healing, not to be missed.

Liz Baughman, CMT
Alternative Energetic Bodyworker and Healer
Detox Coach
San Francisco, California

“My visits with Teresa have always been followed by a noticeable improvement in my well-being. I visited her with heavy residual anxiety after a stressful term at school, and her non-physical work actually produced a continuing feeling of relief and calm. Recently, I visited her with lower back pain. Initially I did not see how she could effect any healing of such a condition. However, after a very brief session of physically non-intrusive work on my chest and lower back, my pain gradually dissipated. Based on my experience, I would recommend Teresa to anybody experiencing health problems of either a physical or mental nature.”

Brandon Armstrong
Seattle, Washington

My first experience with natural medicine had me wondering if I was doing the right thing when, after six months of working with a naturopath to cure a chronic yeast problem, I developed an almost unbearable case of acid reflux. To rule out the nasty things like ulcers and cancer I saw a gastroenterologist who confirmed it was nothing but a weak sphincter muscle. He also told me it was something I’d “have to learn to live with” and that I’d need to take one version or DSC_1705another of an acid blocker for the rest of my life. Fortunately my naturopath convinced me otherwise and started treating me accordingly. However, after a few months of not getting any relief and feeling frustrated, I decided to act on my sister’s suggestion to see Teresa Dietze. Not only has my acid reflux disappeared but, after re-running a comprehensive stool analysis, I was happy to find out the yeast was reduced to “no clinically significant amounts.” And, as an added bonus, my eyes, skin, nails and overall digestion have improved significantly.

In addition to her knowledge of numerous alternative therapies, Teresa possesses an extremely strong intuitive ability. I feel it is this gift that has helped me to uncover years of suppressed emotions, pinpoint the root causes of various ailments and determine which supplements and dietary changes are most beneficial for me. Recently, I had this belief substantiated when the results from a couple of tests run by my naturopath confirmed the intuitive work I’ve been doing with Teresa.

I’m not the only one Teresa has helped. My husband was having quite a bit of pain in the upper right quadrant of his back. He saw several different doctors and therapists and had various tests done. When all the tests came back negative and the therapy didn’t help, our family doctor basically threw up his hands and decided to diagnose my husband with fibromyalgia. Well, with Teresa’s guidance, my husband eliminated certain foods and started taking nutritional supplements. Within 2 months his pain was gone. And, since then, the arthritis in his right shoulder has disappeared and he’s been able to stop taking his blood pressure medication.

Teresa has gifts that are hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced their benefit. However, both my husband and I are much better off for having been in Teresa’s care and we would like others to know about her.

Shireen Stout
Seattle, Washington

“I was having flu symptoms – achey, headache, sore throat and feverish –withDSC_0043absolutely no time to be sick. Less than 20 minutes into our appointment, Teresa had eliminated my fever and the terrible headache. Whether it’s an acute, immediate need or guidance for long-term well being, Teresa has addressed both, quickly and accurately. She is my number one ‘go-to’ health practitioner.”

Seattle, WA

I have seen Teresa for a few years now and I can say that her expertise has helped to improve my life in a multitude of ways. I’ve had remarkable improvement in my physical health as well as emotionally and psychologically. I still have a regular N.D. but Teresa is always my first choice bar none.
Seattle, Washington

I have found that Teresa quickly gets to the root of issues. She has helped me with physical as well as emotional issues very effectively over the years. She uses a variety of techniques identify and deal with health issues and I have seen very rapid results. As a result I have been generally healthy and happy.

Seattle, Washington



“I was on the phone today with Teresa and we were discussing

her soon to be published e-book, “What Some Healers Won’t Tell You”

(a must read!) when I complained about having some pretty bad shoulder pain.

I thought I had slept on it wrong. Teresa said wait a second

and then started telling me what bones and ribs were disjointed. She said

wait a second again and this is the honest to God truth. In about 30 seconds

I felt what I would call a flowing in my shoulder and the pain started easing.

I would describe this feeling as a warm liquid inside my shoulder moving around

and I go “holy cr_ _, the pain is getting much less!” Well, that was at about

1 PM yesterday. I am writing this testimonial at 12:48 AM today and the

pain is completely gone. I did no other treatment to my shoulder. Didn’t have to.

I’m an engineer by training, so I am always skeptical of things. Now I know what

Teresa calls “Off-Road Healing” (and better yet “over the phone”)

energy work really does work! Getting results is the bottom line and Teresa

delivered, over the phone no less! Thanks Teresa!

David Busch, Founder/President

Pillows For Soldiers, Inc.

Marlborough, CT 06447


Teresa has enabled me to positively change my life in many spheres. Providing direction and supplements that helped arrest the development of diabetes type II propelled me towards optimum physical health. Her straight forward and firm approach has given me the confidence and accountability I have lacked previously. Teresa will tell it how she sees it and this is backed up by a wealth of research she has at her finger tips, and her extensive training.

In the area of relationships Teresa has provided sound guidance, operating from a strong ethical foundation that is both refreshing and inspiring. Her accessibility and flexibility allows for personal sessions in Seattle or phone sessions if distance is an issue. She tailored my appointment needs well to match my travel distance, combining 3 sessions in one weekend, not commonly offered by others. Recommended to me by a good friend, I would not hesitate in encouraging others to enlist Teresa’s services and reap the benefits of her experience, kind manner and holistic focus.

Corvalis, OR


Teresa is a spiritually evolved, compassionate and gifted medical intuitive in the truest sense, and I’ve met a few! I received both instant and lasting results under her expert care and guidance for both acute and chronic conditions. Because she healed a frozen shoulder in 2 hours over the phone (I’m not kidding) that conventional medicine did nothing for in 3 weeks; I packed up and made the 1500 mile trip to Seattle for a week of intensive work resulting in remarkable strides healing body, mind and spirit.

A bruit I’ve suffered from for over 2 years is also gone! Make no mistake, it’s the hardest work you’ll ever do, but the payoffs –priceless. I’m now working on saving an arthritic hip the medical doctors have called hopeless. I think, “Maybe not.” Optimism and joy are steadily returning to my life. I thank God for the privilege to call her my healer, teacher and friend.

One more thing: Don’t bother her unless you’re serious. There are too many of us out here that are.

Claudia Lientz
Barnes Agri, Inc.
Rothschild, Wisconsin